How to do Valentines Day on a Budget

  If your bank account is dreading Valentines Day, there is no need to ditch the 'holiday' all together. Things like paying rent, or cell phone bills come before trivial holidays such as this one, however, it's always nice to have an excuse celebrate love. Like they say, It's always the thought that counts. Here are some alternatives to the traditional expenses, that wont leave you broke:

Breakfast in Bed:


 Breakfast in bed is super simple and cheap, but also quite romantic. Given that you have the items in your kitchen to whip up an early morning meal, you will be setting the scene for a perfect day. An extra thought: make up a simple Valentines Day card - it's always better when it's homemade. 

Wine and a movie:

  With Netflix and iTunes, movies are readily available to us with the click of a button. Pick a movie you both will enjoy, and have the wine ready to be served. Movie nights in are the best, because you can drink as many glasses of wine as you please, and you can pause the movie to pee. Make the room cozier by adding some lit candles throughout the room. 

Drinks at a pub:

 Fancy bars are fun, but the wine list prices can add up quickly, especially when the wine tastes so good. I find drinking beer to be just as fun, and although the vibe in a local pub is a little more mellow, it can give you a chance to talk while you share a snack. 

Shop local:

I love to walk to the local bakery downtown because it smells heavenly. The breads and pastries are always freshly baked, so if you have just finished work, or are running errands, you can stop by the bakery shoppe on your way home with a nice surprise. In a bakery, $10.00 can go a long way!


Spread photos on the bed:

Guess what? Rose peddles stain bed sheets. If you don't want wine-coloured stained covers, opt for spreading photos instead. Photo prints are dry and easy to clean up afterwords, perfect if you want to create a pretty scenery. Bonus: Printing photos is cheaper than buying roses!

Cook a new recipe together:

 If you want to try something new, find a different recipe on Pinterest and spend the evening cooking it together. I find that most of the fun during the holidays is in the kitchen preparing, and this is coming from someone who has never liked to cook. Conquering a new recipe will leave you with a sense of accomplishment, and, if you mess it up, you can always just settle for wine and a movie.

 Always remember that Valentines Day is just a day. I love an excuse to have fun and spread love, but it doesn't mean I have to spend a ton of money doing it. The most important gift to give on Valentines Day is love, and luckily, that is free.


xo, Lia