The 88th Academy Awards Check List | Oscar Night

  While all of Hollywood's elite is getting ready for the most spectacular night in film, the rest of the world is anticipating the glittery affair by prepping for their own magical evenings. Whether you're hosting a viewing party, or attending a screening at your local theatre, the excitement rises as the hours get closer and closer to 6PM. I will be hosting my own viewing party (my invite was lost in the mail again, no biggie, right?) and there is still so much to do in preparation for the big night. I mean, I don't have as much responsibility as Chris Rock, who is hosting the awards for the first time since 2005. 

 It is no secret that there has been a controversial buzz surrounding the 88th Academy Awards ever since the nominees were released back in January. To make sure the drama stays away from your star-studded Sunday night, use this Oscar Night Check List, and ensure a stress-free evening!

Oscar Night Check List

  • Decide how you're viewing the Awards

Are you watching the show on cable, or are you planning on streaming? The more prepared you are, the better. Remember, technology can be a bit moody, so secure your method of viewing well in advance to avoid missing any part of the show.

  • Prep the food and champagne 

Whats a party without food and drink? Sure, not all of us can afford high quality alcohol or fancy catering, but pizza, popcorn and oven ready appetizers take a little bit of time. Prepare both in advance and you wont be panicking once the pre-show red carpet begins. 

  • Print off your ballots

Vanity Fair has some pretty amazing, ready-to-print ballots that require no hassle. Print enough for you and your guests, and the night easily turns into a game. Amp up the fun level and have a contest for whoever has the most correct answers! 

  • Have the tissues ready in case Leo doesn't win

I mean... we've been down this road so many times. Give the man an Oscar already.

  • Dress the part

Whether your party is casual or super fancy, it's always nice to plan out your outfit beforehand. Giuliana Rancic wont be there to ask you who you're wearing, but you never know when someone will snap an Instagram worthy photo!

  • Live Tweet

Make sure you have your Twitter app up and ready on your phone or tablet. The most exciting part of this day in age is broadcasting your thoughts as they happen. Plus, with the hashtag #oscars2016, you can see what others are tweeting about the show. 

Hopefully these tips will help you have a fantastic Oscar night! You can catch the show LIVE tonight at 7:00PM sharp on ABC. 

Alright, alright, alright!


Xo, Lia

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