Under the Weather

Writing has always been a hobby I enjoy, but the past two weeks have not been super awesome for my health and general well-being, so I have neglected to log-in to my blog (and go to the gym - but that's a different story). 

As I have previously blogged about, last month I was diagnosed with PD, and while it's not a debilitating condition, the antibiotics have been rough on my stomach (an apparent common side effect of Doxycycline). I'm not sure if I've lost 10 lbs, or have gained 15, because I alternate from not being hungry, yet feeling so bloated, to not being able to keep anything down and feeling faint. I am SO happy that the medication has improved my skin, but I am so ready to get off of it. I have a couple more weeks to go, so I've decided to purchase a pro-biotic in hopes that my stomach will work with me. 

After a nice rest, I am feeling a lot better, so I am back in better spirits to write again. I will be updating my blog with some photos I have taken in the past couple of weeks, as well continuing my favourite series on Mental Health for Wellness Wednesdays. Once my antibiotics are complete, I will post an update on my PD condition. 

I hope you all are enjoying June! What are your plans for Summer? Let me know in the comments below!

Lia, Xo