Ed Sheeran Tickets: The Never Ending Battle

I've had the pleasure of witnessing Ed Sheeran perform on stage twice, and it was an experience I would definitely love to relive again - if only it were a little bit easier.

I am too old to be harassing the phone lines at the local radio stations when they announce their cue to call to win Ed Sheeran tickets, but when you're alone and sitting at your desk, why not? Knowing the probability of actually scoring the tickets, I signed up for the March 13 presale with TicketMaster, and again, had no luck.

Sadly, during my scrolls through multiple social media platforms, I had discovered that people even had tickets in their cart, ready to go, when scalpers and third-party ticket sellers had taken them away. 

This is  quite sad, as I know Ed does not appreciate these resellers, especially when his fans are trying desperately to see him play. 

Nevertheless, I will continue on the quest to score tickets for Sheeran's July 7th Toronto show and I wish you good luck on your adventure as well. 

What concerts are you looking forward to this year? 

-Lia, XO