Unplug with Saje this Earth Day | Wellness

Going offline and 'spark something meaningful'

Ok be honest - how often are you distracted by some form of technology when spending time with other people? Whether you're out for dinner and scrolling through Instagram while you're waiting for your food to come, or sitting on the couch and zoning out to all the episodes of Law and Order you can handle, it seems as though we're always online.

Don't worry, there's nothing wrong with doing these things - in moderation.

Luckily, Saje Natural Wellness has just come out with their end of April Premium - just in time for a very special day....

Earth Day!

The in-store Premium is a special box set that includes a modern cement stone candle diffuser, two diffuser blends (Liquid Sunshine + Tranquility - my fav!) and a limited edition card game created to spark deep conversation, as apposed to reaching for your phone. The #nofilter card game includes 100 cards of meaningful questions to keep the candlelit conversation going as we unplug for the environmentally friendly day.

Photo courtesy of Saje Natural Wellness

Earth Day takes place on April 22nd, and just like every year, the world warriors encourage everyone to unplug + connect with our lovely planet. And while we're connecting with the Earth around us, why not have some solid conversation? The Unplug to Connect Premium is only $30 with a $30 purchase and can be found at any Saje location near you! I highly recommend this kit (and everything else from Saje, for that matter!), and I will definitely be diffusing some Liquid Sunshine on the special day. 

What are your plans for Earth Day? I challenge you to unplug! 

- Lia, Xo