The Name Game | Wedding Season

For most of my life I have been convinced that I would always keep my last name the way it is. Whenever I would mention this to anyone, I'd usually get a response that touched on feminism being the reason behind the decision. Although I am a feminist, my thoughts on keeping my last name have nothing to do with equal rights - it has to do with my identity. Even if I were to marry Leonardo DiCaprio, I wouldn't change my name to Lia Nardone Leonardo DiCaprio - OK maybe I would consider it, but only because it sounds funny. I have had the same name all of my life. For 25 years I have been Lia Nardone - how I am supposed to roll with a completely different title and not hesitate when someone asks me name?

Although, as I grow older, I am debating the whole "hyphenated" approach, I still stand by the ladies who opt to keep their birth name. But, how exactly do you know what the right decision is? The answer is, you don't. Go with what you feel is right, not what everyone else is telling you. 

Just like most things, when it comes to weddings and marriages, everyone will have an opinion on how you're supposed to be doing them. And, It doesn't make you any less of a feminist if you decide to take your partners last name, either. 

Have you, or will you, take your partners last name? What was your reasoning behind your decision?

Lia, Xo