The Best Times to Post on Social Media

  Social media outlets are not just used for virtual social engagement, the digital communication tools have changed the way businesses and corporations market and brand themselves to the public. As the technical world develops, we are living in a decade highly dependent on digital technology, a world that some don't quite understand. 
Most companies have created and hired positions like Social Media Coordinators, or Digital Content Producers to manage and keep the active communication between the customer and the brand alive. And with applications like Tweet Deck and Hootesuite, to name a few, social media has turned into a great source of information and marketing to all industries. 

 Nowadays, the perfect post is more than just a witty caption or great lighting; a lot of it has to do with timing. That's why certain apps have been developed to optimize and track social media results, issuing us users with the results, in order to ensure we're using social media in the best way to benefit our brand. 

 Now, if you're Taylor Swift, whose Instagram posts are followed by a total of 66.1 Million users, you will have traffic on your page no matter when you post. But, if your 'followers' count is below a million, keep the following in mind:


Monday 3:00PM-6:00PM
Right after a long Monday work day, it's common for social media consumers to pick up their phone and start scrolling through Instagram. Hashtags like 'Monday Motivation', and 'Man Crush Monday' probably don't hurt, either.


Wednesday 12:00PM-6:00PM
Half way through the week, Twitter engagement seems to be at an all time high. The most vital point in the afternoon for retweets? 5:00PM. Looks like when the majority head home from work or school, they are more likely to take out their phones and check twitter. The worst time for retweets is any night after 8:00PM. 


Saturday, Sunday 12:00PM-3:00PM
Though, according the, for brands, Fridays generate 17% of all likes, 15% of comments and 15% of shares. It's not surprising that the weekend strikes up excitement and engagement on Facebook specifically. Most people resort to Facebook statuses to let their social network know their plans for the next few days to come.


Saturday 5:00PM-11:00PM
I am guessing this is because Pinterest is one big consuming escape from reality. One glass of wine after cleaning up dinner dishes, and most Pinterest users are pinning their way to a great Saturday night. 


Thursday-Wednesday 12:00PM-3:00PM
This was incredibly surprising to me. I know for me, Youtube is one of my favourite social media platforms, and I am most likely to log in weekend nights. I guess most people spend their weekend nights socializing face to face, who would have thought?


Monday-Friday 8:00PM-5:00PM
Makes sense. Engagement on LinkedIn spikes throughout workday hours, when employers are more likely to log in and post. If you're looking for employment and want to make an impression, make sure you are more active during these times.


 Of course, these studies were done for marketing purposes. Using social media for enjoyment and communication is one of the reasons its so popular, so don't be consumed by the numbers of 'likes' and 'retweets' you accumulate. Though these platforms make great branding tools, they also make it possible to share photos of your puppy to your family across the country; so, use it as you please!


xo, Lia