10 Things that will happen when you move in together

  Making the decision to move in with your significant other can either be a well thought out struggle, or a simple step - it's different for everybody. While some have chose to wait until marriage, for me, this was never the case. When my boyfriend and I first started dating, we lived separately for over a year and a half (though we spent almost every night together, at either my place or his). As time went on, we began to include each other in future plans, and when the thought of moving in together came up, it seemed like the natural choice. 
 Even though we 'practically lived together' for months, I found out quickly that it was in no way the same as cohabiting in the same space 24/7. Though I really do love living with my boyfriend, there are many changes that come along with it. (For example, the first time I heard him screaming at his sports game, I thought someone had broken in). These are minuscule details that don't really bother me, but took some getting used to. 

These things include..

1. Mismatched Furniture

9 times out of 10, you will not be able to afford a whole new interior right off the bat; so, a couch from his college apartment and the coffee table your mom passed down to you are most likely not going to be a match made in Feng Shui heaven. 

2. 'Netflix and chill' will take a literal approach

Like any long-term couple, you will spend a lot of time actually watching (and enjoying Television). Since you're together almost every night, there is never pressure to do much else. This is great for the series you're binge watching together, but always remember to dedicate one night for special date nights, so your whole week is occupied with 'Walking Dead' reruns.

3. You will see each other more, but 'hangout' less

Relating to the 'designated date-night' concept, you will most likely 'hang-out' a lot less. Different work schedules will often interfere with the amount of together time you and your significant other will have, even though you will be seeing each other a lot more. Appreciate the times you see one another in passing, in between shifts. The momentary glimpses may seem short, but if you have a good relationship, they will be the spark that keeps the fire burning.

4. Alone time will be more sacred

The moments you have to yourself are going to feel heavenly. A few hours to read by yourself, or catch up on your guilty pleasure reality TV show will be glorious. Remember, EVERYONE likes to have their moments in silence, alone, so savour them, and let your partner bask in theirs. 

5. There will be half as much to clean...

Need I say more?

6. ...But twice as much laundry

Need I say more? :( 

7. You will develop new interests (or at least, you should!)

You don't need to be a relationship expert to realize there are two people in the team. Their interests should slowly become something you enjoy, or tolerate, as you are attempting to coexist in a small place together. Sure, alone time is great, but showing interest in each other's hobbies is quite vital to relationship growth. It's also a generally respectable quality to have for anyone you are close with.

8. You WILL be cool with their friends over (and vise-versa)

Everyone needs friend time, and hopefully, if you're cool with his friends being over, being rowdy, he will be just as fine with yours. Just remember to be respectful and clean up after your pals. 

9. There will always be someone to take care of you when you're sick

Because you can't rub your own back.

10. You will become a lot closer

Humans do some pretty weird shit when they're alone, and now there's another person in the mix. Having someone all up in your personal business 24/7 can seem nerve wracking at first, but after a while, you will develop a comfortability and it will feel right. 

Overall, the decision to move in with your significant other before marriage is all up to personal preference. Rent will become cheaper, but the whole relationship dynamic will change. It's important to be completely honest with your partner and really think about the consequences before signing a lease with another human being. For me, the rewards outweigh the cons, and I wouldn't change it for the world. The only person who can tell you if you're making the right decision is yourself; and that's how it always should be. 

XO, Lia