9 Halloween Date Ideas | Love & Dating

Halloween is a great "holiday" for many reasons (horror movies, costume parties, candy, etc), but it's also a great excuse to go on a date, if you're a not-so-romantic like myself. Since the 31st falls on a Monday this year, most of us have celebrated this weekend, and that leaves Halloween for you and your lover. Here are a few date ideas. 

1. Go For A Picnic

If the weather is even somewhat decent, opt for an outdoor meal. Sure, the end of October doesn't exactly call for ideal picnic temperatures, but huddling in a blanket will just up the romance level even more. 

2. Visit the Pumpkin Patch

You may have already made a visit to the patch- but who could have too many pumpkins?

3. Go Apple Picking

Apples are in season and even if you don't love the sweet treat, picking them is a great time. Plus, you can't have apple pie without apples, and you always want apple pie.

4. Stop for Hot Chocolate 

Ho'cho is always a good idea.

5. Take A Stroll In the Park

The best thing about talking a walk is the photo opportunities the leaves provide in the autumn time.  

6. Drive Down A Country Road

For me, there is nothing better than going for a nice long drive down a country road. I love listening to music and looking at the changing colours of the sunset. 

7. Visit A Haunted House


8. Hit Up the Drive-In

If you're in Ontario, this is probably the last time you'll be wanting to cuddle up at the drive-in with no heat. Bonus points if the movie is of the horror genre. 

9. Catch A Horror Flick

Netflix and chill, with candy.

Happy Halloween!

X, Lia