My Favourite Instagram Accounts to Follow

Like most of this generation, I love Instagram. Along with Spotify and Youtube, Insta is easily one of my most used (and most loved) apps. 

I love to follow beautiful, awe-inspiring accounts with breathtaking landscapes, funny captions, and pretty humans.  

Here are some of my favourites.

India Earl

She's a talented wedding + elopement photographer, based in Utah. Her photos are stunning & I have made it my personal mission to somehow have her shoot my hypothetical wedding one day. Check out her website, as well. 

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    Brinkley Davies

    The earliest career desire that I can recall was Marine Biology, because I loved learning about the ocean. Brinkley is an intelligent animal-lover, living out all of those childhood dreams I had that seemed so impossible. She is an Australian Marine Biologist/ Surfer / Model / Activist / Freediver /Real Life Mermaid. Not to mention, her eyes are the colour of the actual ocean. You will come for the incredible photos, and stay for the whirlwind adventure. Be sure to follow Brinkley and check out her website.


    I can't recall how I came across Emma's profile, but for over two years I have been enjoying her adventures through her shots. I don't know much about her, but her Tumblr bio says she likes music, chocolate, weed and faeries, so I think I could hang with her. Follow her to catch a glimpse of the hippie-esque lifestyle.

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    Alex Strohl

    Alex Strohl is a French photographer with an extraordinary body of work. His website describes his photography as "authentic moments" capturing each second as they unfold before him. Follow him, and fall in love with the earth all over again.

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    Paris Tews

    Paris is a videographer from Utah (man, I gotta get to Utah..) who posts beautiful photography, and cute moments between her, her husband and their dog. 

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    She does yoga with her dog. What more do you need?

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    This account gives you a sense of nostalgia for all of the right reasons. 

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    Koi Fresco

    I've been a fan of Koi's Youtube videos for some time, and his Instagram is just as insightful. As a vegan and practicing buddhist, he uses his following to educate people on mindfulness and spirituality. 

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    The simplicity is refreshing and sweet, just like her.

    The Pink Coconut

    If you're into vegan recipes and beautiful food photography, follow!


    I don't know why this account makes me laugh so much. Posts from Skellie always brighten my day. 

    Toast Meets World

    Last, but not least, my favourite Instagram account... the coolest dog of all time. Toast is a rescue dog, with no teeth and a long tongue. I've been so obsessed with this dog, that my brother gave me a birthday card with her face on it. Toast, if you're out there reading this, I love ya girl. 

    Let me know your favourite Instagram accounts in comments below! And be sure to follow all of these amazing profiles.

    XO, Lia